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Flowback Seats and Stems

  • 1" stainless stem

  • 2" stainless stem

  • 3/4" stainless seat

  • 1" stainless seat

  • 2" stainless seat

*Free shipping for orders in Texas

*Discounts for high volume orders

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Products and Services

  • CNC Machine Shop

  • Nitride Sucker Rod Balls

  • Ceramic Wear Parts

  • HIP Zirconia

  • Alumina

  • Silicon Carbide

  • Boron Nitride

  • Flowback Chokes

  • Zirconia Rings

  • Silicon Nitride

  • Tungsten Carbide

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Why choose us?

Customers should opt for our high-quality manufactured products for several compelling reasons. Our dedication to craftsmanship ensures that each item is meticulously constructed to meet rigorous standards, guaranteeing durability and reliability.

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With enthusiastic attention to detail at every stage of production, our products consistently surpass expectations, providing unparalleled performance and longevity. We always put quality over quantity.

Moreover, our commitment to using premium materials ensures that each flowback choke product not only meets but exceeds industry benchmarks, delivering exceptional value for money.

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We are able to design, build, and manufacture to your specifications.  Give us a call today!

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